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The Beginning of the Morose Commentary

19 Sep


We seem to be dying quicker than before.

It could be a new emotional bubonic plague that’s finally filtered through; adapted to become sentient, spread through a social, general acceptance –  the human cultural waste and new-found didactic lack of sentimentality.

We seem as though upon a constant approach.

All I do is shift from one Velvet Underground record to another – thinking of Lilia, thinking about how heroin was probably better for me than she was… healthier at least… even Lou wasn’t as good on his own.

I have a date next week with a girl with eyes made of crystallized water. She is beautiful and dark… a typical instrument to propel me unto a new madness, but despite the light of her eyes – I just think of Lilia’s mirthless, muddy brown eyes looking, smiling up at me.

But now she is part of the inconsequential that she’s chosen to become part of.

I’m dying quicker than I have in a long time…

Maybe I’m just bored – or rather just used to the clamor of expression.

I want to have a drink,  but if I do I’ll only think more of her.

Maybe I need sleep. Maybe I need a new paranoia… or a new paradox to take up my vocationless time with some guiltless meandering within the pragmatic unfathomable.

I love Lilia…

… and so thus begins the writing.


Jack Tsoy Tumult

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