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… pt. 2

12 Nov


Born in an echo.

Born in the last stir of light.

Born into the birth of the oncoming eclipse.

Born as miracles become.

One must remember that there are plenty mistakes left to be made – but we live through each one – depending, of course, whether we still want to. Because sometimes the feeling of hopelessness, or purposelessness, of defeat is too engulfing. A good thing to remember is that Pac was killed at the age of 25 nearly a decade and a half ago.

So when thoughts of suicide beckon – always think of  the shining serpent. Besides, we’re all dying at varying speeds, and might as well achieve as much as we want to accomplish and only then call it quits.

Pac didn’t have a choice of when to go, but still put music out posthumously, over a decade after being put into his coffin. With only pseudo-facetiousness, I can state that the we should all aspire to the perverse workaholic perseverance and ominous paranoia of our own impending demise that Pac so wonderfully possessed.



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