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21 Oct





stolen kings

golden rage

frisked in the hallway


yet, somewhere in America a cross is still burning

but we’re just drinking coffee here, talking important issues

exporting them from updates found on smart phones

growing gravestones

as vital to the deck as a five of diamonds

too many guarded mines to bleed through

and now come the missionaries

and I try to hide inside your lips

that’s what I want, what I need

just find me in another state

just find me in another state

I’ll make a new country out of it, just for us

I dreamt of you naked in front of me last night

even though it’s been three years since I’ve seen your body like this

but I kept forcing sleep until it came

and missing you has become like trying to pause a dream

in the sleep of a parasomniac

trying to rewind you to the beginning

or another sweet spot along the glimmer

and since I can no longer speak to you like this while I’m awake

pretend that this is my somniloquy


Washington Sq. Park Poetry Project (Last Night of the Year)

17 Oct


Washington Sq. Park PP 04———


15 Oct





passing by

there was

a vaudeville-sort of kiosk

stocked with memories

slanging, wobbled next to some granite

over-top the concrete

where the bodies are buried

your picnics are all full of ghosts

my memoirs are afraid of a drunken night, so we’re neither are blameless

but I was searching for something yellow and shining that was almost like light

and I remember at some point we stood together and former together

stoned or still or maybe a mixture of both slightly exaggerated

and something was remembered and stored

and is now being sold

in cheap paperback

like all profitable commemoration


Reading Update (Last Washington Sq. Park Poetry Project Night + Other Venues)

09 Oct



Nope. No new work. Unfortunately I’ve been going through a crippling writer’s block recently (but a two fresh pieces are in tentative stages of completion and should be published on the site in the next 4 – 5 days), but there will be three shows where I’ll be performing in the next few days:



My last night this year hosting the Washington Sq. Park Poetry Project. As always: no cover, no censorship, no time limit. Top east side of the park. 8:30PM. All artists welcome to perform or simply to listen and enjoy (poetry, hip-hop, folk, spoken word, performance art).



Green Earth Poets Café Presents: “A [Poetry] Tree Grows in Brooklyn” – an Outdoor Community Garden Poetry & Visual Arts Event. It will be taking place from 2PM – 5PM at the Howard Avenue Community Garden (btwn Blake ave. & Dumont ave.)


Nitty Gritty Open Mic at Eva’s: 8PM – 11PM at Eva’s Restaurant on 11 West 8th st. in Manhattan. Despite the lack of vulgarity allowed, this is a really warm space with a lot of love for aspiring performers of all mediums… and definitely try their sweet potato fries, they are delicious!


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