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/\/\/\ pt. 2

21 Jul



a little crown pt. 2

I’d rather be stone dead
my baby
than to know that you are mortal
and heaven won’t exist
if we surrender
a gold watch for a retirement
a bracelet for some guilt
a kiss for when the human echo leaves
I smell your daydreams
summer sweat, hot dogs on the grill
lavender along the grass
we learn so quickly after all
and you might as well sleep with me tonight
forget all this disappearance
make something holy new again

/\/\/\ pt. 1

20 Jul



a little crown pt. 1

pushing on the ocean
I count four dollars in my pocket
there are still those I miss
but they relate to me
from a wholly different paper
bourbon there somewhere
and there’s a fleeting wistfulness
for what you try to forget
a prurience that you try to forget, that used to sleep away the night
like a bit of glass that used to shell malt liquor
turned into a gem, a mist of green
like the dress that covered your ink last time I saw you
and it’s fine, you know it is
memory only works if you survive it
unwillingly convince it to remain
the tide comes in
I stand before her
pushing against the might of this moment

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