catching the L like what else is in your pocket (new golden bed piece)

28 Dec


golden bed pieces 02
don’t be mad at mickey mouse
just because he eats your cat
and then your family
all the blood and treasure that lies therein
a crime of opportunity
such as this was
was based on free market determinations
the dimensions of these decisions
are far beyond a layman’s grasp
and don’t forget
that mouse has had a lot of fucking pull
ever since he figured out a way to invest the nazi gold
into exxon and bp
war defense, circinate technology   
and so, if he wants to kill you
then the country’s as good as spoken
and there’s nothing left to do
but put a few bucks away into the cookie cutter coffin  
so that you or your family can cover
all the buried fees and taxes required of the eaten few
but don’t be mad
it’s what it’s like
a bored look inside a bathrobe
a furthermore, an afterthought, faint death
a stolen heart still, a slight
indefinable souls fragmented along a limpid night

(you can only ask how cold do you feel so many times)

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