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30 Mar




maybe it’s a weakness
but I need
to fall
into the arms of a woman
my head upon the sitting thighs
a good woman
one that will comfort past the epigraph
no et al, past the marble, the bronze
a cursory fetish, a curiosity tickled
lips treasuring a churlish quiet, a bottom lip to love
slanted snide, waiting to be bitten
I’m already falling
a conjuring so cruel
I’m falling now
where is our bed

lead me then shoot me



23 Mar




Oppenheimer loved John Dunn
his poesy, his face, respectful panic
I sit here finishing up
this short stanza, like melting skin
lapping up milk from a cold metal cup
keeping strong, alpha strong and shit
wondering who’ll ignite this world
on my behalf

uncle frank

11 Mar



uncle frank illuminated

yo, i don’t even have an iPhone
but yet i’m losing my health care too
and i was just about to pop a bottle of champagne
for the first time not as an homage to chekhov
but because i finally bypassed the demarcated line of poverty
thinking that a new country
after new border
was finally available to me
but now, man, i’m getting this cough
stuck at the bottom of my throat
revulsion, neo-revulsion, whatchucallit, on the news
regardless, it’s a mess – all phlegm and halitosis
it pisses, passes, comes again, the spirits help
my doctor prescribed what else she could
reminding me my human window closes soon  

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