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damn, this coffee and this cigarette taste like ten years ago

10 Feb



glitch in the abyss

i’m tired of this
back and forth –
you’ve noticed
i’ve been busy
thinking about
not thinking about you
– so what do you want?

and just, you know
to be polite
how are you?
are you alright?
well, that’s good
i guess
and, me, well…
it doesn’t matter
it’s been a tough two years, year and a half
the prez, the singer dying, and you
it kind of broke me
for a bit

yeah, i’m better now
and maybe the breaking was the goal, actually
i’m working now, constantly, too much maybe   
and writing, as you see
a field of heather that regenerates after a wildfire
something like that, fuck, whatever, i don’t know
don’t listen to me – i’m stoned and tired
in need of some sleep, abyssal
anyway, what do you want?
it’s you that wound up at my door

products of the creator, disenchanted

05 Feb



viewing party

fucking profundity and so
the comedic suicide is set
she made the marks with a plastic knife
that came with the butter packets
meant for a baked potato
that they delivered
from the diner down Shore Front
they were confused when they read the order
hurrying over to bring the succor and the spur  
and if you’ve noticed
I’ve ceased giving names or titles
to anyone involved
as I refuse to grant
any further legacy to fiction
needless to say
she was upset
by these events that turned her
a commission drafted incorrectly
no release, the bruised skin like junky paper
and now not even a spud to
sink her teeth


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