damn, this coffee and this cigarette taste like ten years ago

10 Feb



glitch in the abyss

i’m tired of this
back and forth –
you’ve noticed
i’ve been busy
thinking about
not thinking about you
– so what do you want?

and just, you know
to be polite
how are you?
are you alright?
well, that’s good
i guess
and, me, well…
it doesn’t matter
it’s been a tough two years, year and a half
the prez, the singer dying, and you
it kind of broke me
for a bit

yeah, i’m better now
and maybe the breaking was the goal, actually
i’m working now, constantly, too much maybe   
and writing, as you see
a field of heather that regenerates after a wildfire
something like that, fuck, whatever, i don’t know
don’t listen to me – i’m stoned and tired
in need of some sleep, abyssal
anyway, what do you want?
it’s you that wound up at my door

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