13 Nov


A Chary Madness Presents…


I’m a Hard Man to Kill (Short Film)

Directed by: Djordje Dojcinovic
Starring: Alton Alburo, Robyn Young, Anim Arnold
Adapted from two chapters of Tumult’s Jeremiad: The Memoirs of Fictional Character, Damned


Dedicated to all the drowning romantics of NYC


Okay… so, the footage of my reading at Bar Ten/Eleven is finally done, and I would like to say that with no budget and a fretting, drunken writer to handle, Main Idea Productions did a phenomenal job. Up until that night in November I had not given an official reading in nearly two years (since a lethargic melancholy first enveloped me having to do with the procrastinating progress of my novel), and with nerves running high I decided to have quite a few pints prior to any oration. We begun nearly two hours late, I stumbled through it (sometimes with a monotone unusual for me). There is a slight sound difference after I read “New Lost Generation”. Footage of all my witty little asides  between the pieces, as well as the amusing smoking session after the reading, has been lost. Also, do not be frightened if you see a small, shimmering deity attempting to escape from the tip of my nose at some points during the reading: it is most likely a mix of the camera angle and lighting that created that particular effect. Maybe. Anyway, enjoy watching the recitation. I assure you that my performance of my pieces has become slightly better since that first reading… though it depends on how much gin I’ve had to drink.


Reading at Bar Ten/Eleven (11/05/11):


The subtitled reading of “New Lost Generation” is also available, here and on Main Idea Productions YouTube page.


Note that you can go to the Official Material section to physically read the pieces that I was reciting. Trust me, they might make more sense to you on paper.


New Readings:


East Bay (Pegasus Bookstore/ Zarina Zabrisky’s Iron Book Launch – 11/15/12)


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