A Citrus Memory

03 Dec


            In the night, with all the lights out she whimpered “darling…”

            “Yeah, princess?”

            She sighed sweetly, carried her hand from her lonely side to leave it on the shore upon my chest. I put my hand on top of hers. She said “there once was a girl that swallowed a lemon seed, and the next morning she realized that there was a lemon tree growing inside her belly.”

            I opened my eyes, and reaching beyond the darkness I saw her looking at me, unoriginally through me; knowing me and seeing me despite the fact that all the lights were out. We were like two traitors exiled, then miraculously found beyond the torrents of an elegiac darkness.

            “So what happened to this girl?” I held her closer.

            She smiled. I saw her. She replied: “she found a boy who would water the lemon tree every day so it’d never wither, never dry.”

            She kissed me. I kissed her.

            She tasted of citrus.


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