A Response to Silence

03 Dec


A Response to Silence


Worthy of death, but not worthy of greatness

Still remains to be seen

a reflection of all that could have been

lost in a flurry

of worried thoughts.


I’m troubled

by the way that I think

others perceive me

I immediately

try to deflect and vanquish

these thoughts

by growing one as such:

if only these people

knew what was in my heart

they’d cower with gratitude

buy me a whiskey

give me their daughters to sleep with


Then I try to smile

remind myself that it’s more

irony than a joke

more Cain than Abel

no, no

more Job than the singing Solomon


the smile comes

it’s just a matter of who blesses you

who observes

what story they decide to tell

and I sit there




and I nod my head

until they reveal themselves

and we are equally judged

equally reborn

equally thankful and thankless.


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