Aemilia Bassano (delirium tremens)

30 May


Aemilia Bassano (delirium tremens)


Ray Manzarek died on Monday from bile duct cancer

First they stop allowing you to get a degree in prison, then they stop allowing you to smoke

They say it’s all for your own good like fixing typos

It’s a killer

A dunce and a rogue

Yet I feel like an existentialist abstraction when I pay my taxes

I start qualifying my sentences by capitalizing all the openers again

but how did they get there first

I’m growing paranoid

People who haven’t seen my apartment are surprised by how clean it is

Hell is around the corner

a man resembling a lemniscate (a moustache that exists only in a parametric equation) begins to laugh


trust me  

I’ll be the Dramamine to your oscillating seas

trust me

Proudhon and Exupéry are playing tic-tac-toe on a new planet they haven’t named yet

and Yes, the river knows, it is the crawl of the classical piano

chartreuse seclusion and television screens

a pretty face that I used to see, pornography

The tequila tastes like nail polish varnish by four in the afternoon


If you’ve been drinking all through the carbon copy

and as They bring the bull into the ring, he has his objections

They are just spears, they say, don’t look so concerned




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