Another Honest Imitation of Paradise

25 Jun


Another Honest Imitation of Paradise


He said it like he was the first to say it honestly

I no longer love

I drink

and the audience applauded

and they bought him more drinks after the show, both brown and clear ones

and a few girls came home with him for a disappointing story

and they woke up next to a pallid heap of flesh that smelled of stale tobacco

and other poetry

and he gallantly made them cheap coffee that was undercover as an import

and then he hid another drink underneath his breath

and then he walked them to the door like a general surrendering  

and then he sat in front of his typewriter as though a praying casualty, like death in neon  

and he thought about his words

I no longer love

I drink

He wrote like a man too used to hiding behind the shadows of his women


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