Before the Perfume Fades

31 Jul


Before the Perfume Fades


The barrel of a gun is less frightening

than the eyes above it staring cold

and you know that everything ends

in a quick, unburdened burn

but, it’s all good for now:

her lips

lecherous eyes and frisky demands underneath the table

and the best pancakes ever

at an all night diner on Tenth avenue

I’ll sip my coffee slow, baby  

because I never rush a good thing

until the lines get blurred

by threats and ultimatums

and all your maenads who have an opinion for you

The truth of that savagery is more frightening

than the way it really is

an illusion with a tongue 

and no regrets

until a shot rings out like a worried firecracker

and we see that nothing good happens in Brooklyn

as we believed before

when we were, as children, stoned and delighted

by the way

the sun shone across a rushing train

heading late to further destinations


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