Brooklyn night

18 Sep


Brooklyn night


With legs

proudly ringing with the algedonic destiny

of wind chimes

stroked by stalking zephyrs

stoked on by weightless majesty

her hair swept along the contours of a horizon

long distant and wary of the night

colored like freshly bloodied cream

after the tragicomic seppuku performed by the forlorn spoon

(following his Steve McQueen-like escape from Prufrock’s clay dungeon this past Wednesday)

the stars looked down on us

like creditors

alone and longing in the Brooklyn night   

and we became a divine reciprocation

soft-flickering and ancient lights

to warm the firmament of silent gods

a retribution along a thankless journey

crowded by

cowardice, coincidence and commonplace

and yet

alone and longing in the Brooklyn night

we found a romantic route

along which her legs sung

a melancholy, adroit euphony

to merit distance with its unique meter

from Fort Greene to Park Slope

from Brownsville to East New York

from Bay Parkway to Kings Highway

past strangers and a weeping cemetery

past coffee shops and urban strip malls

past parking lots and old mistakes

we walked

as meaningless as lovers

as smart as pennies on the floor

and we arrived

all bitter and unbroken smiles

            to commiserate the dawn


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