Cheated Early to Win

31 Mar


Cheated Early to Win


I used to read books

but now I burn them

for warmth and for bitterness

that I miss from your absence

Dante, unabridged, in the original Italian, burns best


I used to drink heavy

but now I drink light as a halo in a NyQuil stupor

for forgetting and lack of else to do

a want of proper inspiration

“how thrilling it would be to see you small and naked in my palm”


I used to think about the future

but now I fear another day (and barely think at all)

for its coldness is transposed through a meaningless twitter feed

that forces an apology for missing funerals and Facebook updates

despite that it’s all pretty much the same


you’ve got to cheat early just to win

and I’m not ready yet

for all of that


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