exclamation point: joke/ extinguishment: note & resurrection

29 Dec


exclamation point: joke/ extinguishment: note


I want to record a lo-fi record:

I don’t no more

I can’t no more

I ain’t no more

I’m no longer capable




then some ellipses

pretentious without an audience






the poet awakes bored from death, a monotony continued seems another chase wasted, disheartened he pulses through to the other room, and there is silence, and a chorus that is preparing to sing, it is a new noise, the echo of metal, the hollow of halos and earrings left on his dresser after some former hymnal and concupiscent nights, it is a welcome back, a mayday, and it moves the cold azure morning light and him, along, and there’s continuation in that which surrounds him, an exploration that merely requires curiosity,

a matchbox and a pack of unfiltered cigarettes by the kitchen sink, old, resurrected, full of regret and worn skin, inked, beaten by the sun, new days repeat and yet never exist in the present – a recurrence and a dimming, slow, syrupy, blending together – what remains intact?

the poet blunders

and laughs at an exclamation point!


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