18 Sep



Beautiful women smell different in the rain

as do


            certain species of poisonous fish

            luminous Eastern European cities at waking day

            the second wives of aloof pink-cheeked oligarchs

            CFOs of Fortune 500 companies carelessly stoned by way of a quarterly profit

            newly printed paychecks

            canvasses depicting violence

            hotel room mints in the morning, as long as the windows are open

            Marcy Projects on a busy day


            alleyways where your hope dwindles with the approach of

footsteps behind you

and a bundle in your pocket

            violet, the color, as well as

            Violet, the stripper-turned-dentist-turned-sadist

(the one that filled my fillings four years ago)

            literature written by French Modernists

            anything and everything abstract

            Oscar Wilde’s grave and sense of humor

            neighbors with a story the duration of a walk down the stairs 

            soul music that plays from the kitchen of the seafood joint we found on

127th and Malcolm X

closed after 5

            and miracles,

            them too

they smell differently as well

I’ve rarely had the pleasure to notice much

but it has occurred

and I have been grateful

and awake 


we dedicate poetry

so that the poem doesn’t feel alone

so I dedicate this one to you

and them

the beautiful women

draped in melancholy hues

a soured gold looking for ways to shine again

made divine

by mere rainstorms



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