08 May





Horus and Jesus were having a beer and sharing a laugh,

picking up women and performing party tricks  

I was waiting out the plague

that you’ve set upon me by your pestilent absence

I was waiting to be clandestine again


again in those arms renewed

Having enough love poems written

for your niggardly charity

to make Neruda jealous

and then

when I wrote about a soothing croon

lamented, to be rhymed by a juniper moon

crawling, broken along the sky

I realized how easy it really was

to forget about it all

and put obsession behind me

like another fictional devil

with charismatic teeth and five on a bundle of new promise

because I remember the pacing cold

of racing the fever to the vein

a mistaken bit of affection

like you

a sacrifice I mistook for love 


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