it rained earlier today

30 May


it rained earlier today


they were watching basic cable television because it made sense that particular day. it was early. a procedural show was paid attention to, barely – Law & Order: Season 13, Episode 17 (“Genius”) – the writer was running out of cigarettes. he got up and poured himself a few fingers of brandy into a dirty snifter (“don’t you think it’s a bit early for that” she trailed off after him). he used a butterknife from the drawer to make a B-flat from the raised glass. she kept one eye, open, on the television, the other, closed, on him.

he recited:


“becoming a slave for a Sunday morning

way too early to be truly awake

I have no profound words left for you, darling

this love has become a heart attack

in the chest cavity of an anti-Nabokovian sentimentalist

who made his rent composing vulgar verses

that flew too high on wings made of pink slips

and rejection letters

from both publishers and peaceful cemetery plots

he has become a dotted line

that indeed blushes from time to time

wondering how a lie can have so many eyes

a contract that would make you weep

when you realize how much you’ll be giving away

a pleasant mistake brushing the dust off ghosts

in the lonely celadon whisper of a resting day

begun too early

to truly be awake”  


he falls back on the couch. she palms his ring finger. it all seems so very tender. they continue watching the flicker of the tv set snatching time and silence. he lights his last cigarette a takes a slight sip of this living day. the rain outside has stopped.


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