30 May




the more I live the more I think

two people together is a miracle


– Adrienne Rich


I am not soft, nor sentimental

it is true

but, I do not believe in competition

am I

I am but what you’ve made of me

a wreckage of derelict machismo

discovered by an azure-blue dusk


I am a golden button on your blouse

the suffering string tether that binds me to you

slowly limping into the dream of embezzlement  

underneath your index finger  

a binding breaking; a freedom, maybe

but, loss – most definitely, loss

becoming myth

becoming fabulism

becoming nothing

a drowned island

that future eyes will never see

and I should end it there

because the past twenty explain it well

but you know that I always have more to say

especially about that time

you know which one

five minutes after it was over

like a war when all stood still

divided in binary solipsism

a wounded poet and his despotic muse

surrendered to themselves

alone, each in an empty cavity

that holds them firm and prim

the leftovers in a funereal fridge

a hope that’s prone to spoil to be devoured soon

soon enough

am I

I am

are you

becoming bracelet for your tyrant god

becoming abandoned night

becoming nothing


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