Jimmy, Who Found Dinner

31 Mar


Jimmy, Who Found Dinner



New York had places

to which you could only get to

by service elevators

Jimmy carried a lot of dollar bills

swaddled by a thick yellow rubber band

and he sneered

at the businessmen

who wore ties

at four in the afternoon

when the sun couldn’t make up its mind

and a drink was close by

in the cherubic robes

of a Times Square dancer

who Jimmy fell in love with

as soon as the street lamps

called out to the dawn

which came a fleeting decade later

in warm ephemera


and found Jim

across his bathroom floor

at a dusty single room of the Belvedere

which ate men who thought themselves adventurous

who thought little of immortality

a monster not daring enough

to waste the day on

because each moment seemed too late

running comatose

through birth and death and a tip at the end of the night

when solace can’t be found

under the awning of old buildings

build by Carnegie and other noble crooks

who knew that serving time

in quiet steel

was all us damned could dream of:

no people,

not anymore


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