Laughless, But Imminent

07 Nov


Laughless, But Imminent

[dedicated to real women, not imaginary ones]


My skin spans the boroughs of this city next to you

The insane here are my favorite –

because I only take madness seriously.

The spaces stretch into screams,

bellowing like fireflies on a summer night;

eventually she comes back to tell me:

“you know I’m a better poet that you…”

she kisses me as though she’s bartering

“sure, sweetheart” I accede the terms.

I drown inside of her in consent

and it’s warm

and it becomes the salvation

I had always wanted

and I want to thank her like a taste

and I want something to say

“you’re amazing” sputtered out.

Hey eyes demolish me. I’m weak.

God might not exist, but why does it matter anymore?

I’ll have her as my jilted blasphemy.

But I have to ask her:

Take me

Take me

Take me furiously

Turn me into your famous exploitation.

Let me deify you,

objectify you

Let me give you definition

Let me encompass you, every curve

Let me stir within you like a lawless soul

Let me finally do more than write

Just let me, baby

and I’ll turn to promise

and I’ll become your sight, your spell

and you’ll become the laughless bliss like guilt

but imminent.


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