31 Mar




if you find yourself

making love in the dark

then it’s time

to change your bedmate


acquisition for yourself a sensitive


(from the store that sells those things)

who reads too much Salinger and Hesse

who drinks too much

but doesn’t take it out on you

who’ll sit with you

when you’ve snorted too much coke at a girls’ night out

and you can’t fall asleep

without Neruda, green tea and conversation

he’ll be vulgar but polite

with a widow’s peak and too much music on his mind

but still with a whole apartment there for you

which you can paint

any color that you want

like an eyelash on a fingertip waiting on a wish

and there’ll be light, I promise

and just a few cracks along the crystal of the vase

where the narcissi stand like an alienated Spring

and all will be found in time

because there will be an abundance of it

an avalanche of mesmerizing moments

fit for poetry

and long walks

upon streets that empty on command

in a city that becomes newer every day

like a lover you’ve replaced


(for Franny)


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