Morning Traipsing

09 Nov


Morning Traipsing


I was walking down the street

with dried blood on my face

I couldn’t imagine why

until a dog barked at me

I thought about this morning

when you kicked me out of bed

telling me that I had things to do

I couldn’t imagine what

deserved a busted forehead

Where did I really need to go?

Right now, I was just walking down the street

further along, down Bowery

I know there’s a warm liquor store

by the time I get there

the clouds will wash away my blood

and I’ll be welcomed

as a gentleman.


These lips that I needed across my heart

sure put me in a tough spot

I can’t imagine what

drove your heel into my back

this morning

must have been something important

but you’ll let me know

when I return

with the black bag light under my arm

where I really needed to go

walking down the street, barely straight as I

dried blood on my face

but when I walk back

it will already be washed away by the clouds

turned black as a drunken shake

and I’ll be welcomed

as a blessing.


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