Nietzsche Sees a Horse

31 Jul


Nietzsche Sees a Horse


I’m smoking hash from a paperclip

in the dry heat of Arizona

with my friend Jose

singing that Ben Quayle can suck our merry dick

until the paranoia gets to us

and we drive to grab a twelve pack of Modelo

in his agriculture covered Ford pick-up

with the Pixies playing on the tape deck  

and the sun is fine and red like socialism in a warped mind

and the heat is a contagion spreading

and each conjunction becomes a Hemingwayan syndication

and we yell along with the music playing:


Estaba pensando sobre viviendo con mi sister en New Jersey,

 Ella mi dijo que es una vida buena alla,

 Bien rica bien chevere, Y voy! Puñeta!


And we are all going a little crazy as we should

because the mind is as fragile as we know

and nothing really means a thing

because we’ll roast a pig tonight

and tomorrow, tomorrow

I’ll take my flight roughly after waking up next to Maria in the morning

and her brother will drive me to the airport

and I’ll see New York again in a different way


and the French statue that tourists line for like food stamps

will mean something new

a radical freedom that our capital lethargy forgot


We’ll keep well bred,

 We’ll stay well fed,

 We’ll have our sons,

 They will be all well hung…


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