No Fear for the Self-Assured

31 Mar


No Fear for the Self-Assured


Being offended is a choice and not an obligation

I’m tired of being patient and polite

The new generation becomes sterile

But politically correct

so I ask, outshouted

Leave William Carlos Williams alone

an idiot

a lout

a dunce

a modernist

a doctor

an asshole if you choose

Who are we but out words

and if I didn’t ask your permission first

you wont read what I have written?

in a hole of poverty

and a darkened past surrounding me

where doors open to a world the same for all

a question must be asked

how sensitive your middle class ethics really are

and how many special interest groups must stamp their approval

upon every stanza

eventually –

wisdom becomes staid wit

satire turns to drollery

and we’re all just Jack’s and Jill’s

coming down the hill

looking for sunrises from the bottom

as though from a faulty scarp

with no even footing to be found:

we are

none of us


but all

just going sedately into a dreamless sleep  


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