Of Her

03 Mar


Of Her


She glowed pointlessly (proudly)

when I knew her

but I was not aware

she chose not to make me privy to that information

instead showed off her gifts like peacock feathers

like loans of burial plots

some selfish immortality of children

a lovely taste, a line of her neck

a lonely haste to:




(in hedonistic queue repeating)


Sometimes she would emit genius

pure and radiant

as extraterrestrial communication to an ungenerable star

unconquered and ungoverned

that alike (alight) did not exist

never having breathed a millennial infancy at all

But she was pure, yes pure

as a beacon in the fog

whether mine – I do not know

and she would lay in bed


waiting for the approaching world

waiting for acknowledgment that would animate

like a column crashing on a stage


And so we were

[P]latonically sown together

by our unnecessary nature

miserable to and of the world

of meals

of meat and metal

a frightened shake when were apart

together just as frightened

shamed by a cordate curse to fast

I tried writing Faust

while she chose to lay as Lotte

happy to shoot the hero to save herself


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