21 Jul




take it off

this dress doesn’t suit you



I get stuck on you

like a needle in shaking fingers

we lost a great character actor today

and I turn to sex

because I don’t like the idea of sleeping alone

straying into a void

where three children lost their father

desperation, dope, a night, another night

we all get what we want

the escape that never feared us

the footsteps a tintinnabulation of manacles

no cries of liberty, no privilege in it all   

just metal against metal like blood against blood and then silence  

because how can we scream if we’re eating our own tails

in the cyclicality that buys us our self-destruction

from the first mistake we made

whether bundle, whether bottle, whether boredom, it’s all done

so take the dress off

just one strap at a time

I don’t want to think

he didn’t have the good grace

to take the rig out of his arm

shedding skin

we try to find a new snake underneath

instead alone



and you’re still in that dress

hasn’t anything I said sank in

I need your skin against me now

because the soul I’ve nearly wasted

is just so goddamn cold tonight


[For Phil]


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