07 Jan




somewhere sullen and adrift

I suspect that she’s there waiting

looking at her watch

balancing a rhythm against the pavement

looking at the passing taxi cabs

peeking at what’s lurking inside

maybe someone that gave an extra twenty to smoke out of the window

contorted eyebrows over yellow teeth

then she’d know it was me

but I’m not coming

I’m late

as always

waiting for the train and an empty kingdom

stealing something from a borrowed book

letting the people pass by

on their way

missing the express

a few bags in my pocket

an invisible straitjacket and nothing to care about

but I’m gonna quit and be punctual tomorrow

or next week

another bag of tricks in new leather

a new excuse

traffic accident

dead bodies along Fifth Avenue

a colorful parade

a returning messiah shacking hands at the mall

(he was late too)

a colonizing China

an orphan resurrection

a burning cello writing a pop song

an immaculate intoxication

something out of Emerson

and that’s it

there it is  

take the local

get there when I can

to meet you

stomping something unremarkable in perfect time

wearing those black heals down

smoking the extra cigarette you shouldn’t have

looking at your watch

waiting for me

sullen and adrift

when I arrive with a smile on my face

feigning an apology


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