06 Jan




The Millenium Prize problems have been augmented to include a new affix:

the brain between Providence and Oxford has asked us to prove love through mathematic algorithm; explain its salience:

Christopher Langam stepped up to the plate with supercilious swagger, then realized that it makes more sense to breed horses in Missouri

Grigori Perelmen declined immediately; his rosewood colored bristles hiding a knowing grin

Jerry Salinger resurrected with Mara by his side holding a lightning bolt gave it a fair shot, but became a contented ascetic by living breathless in footnotes, asides and apocopes

William Rankine back in the nineteenth put it into verse but got caught up in the bondages of marriage

there were others too

but now it is up to you, my friend

I need five bucks and there’s a million on the line

me though, I have coffee yet to make for her

morning will be here soon

as will a new sky

a chiaroscuro like a raincoat of molting color;

this is the asymmetry of my dancer’s heels

somewhere in the proof


* * *


The only true victory we may be able to have over our physical life – whether one decides to synthesize that term into ‘somatic reality’ or some form of Descartesian existence is relatively immaterial – is the renunciation of earned glory: it is the conquering of the world and a subsequent absconding of it, because after a new peak is reached, the altitude gives way to greater vision to the squabbling, antagonistic irrationality below. This is a sad illumination that will cause ruin of great men, and unequivocal corruption of those nearly so.

So, stay hidden. Stay in love.

Don’t climb to places where you can’t breathe.

And if you do, breathe through me.

Stay in love. Morning will be here soon.

A chink to crack the proof: the asymmetry of my dancer’s heels.

I leave the rest, every postliminary perch, to you, the meritable lovers and better mathematicians.


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