21 Jul




Jack the Ripper had a buggy

called a double-seated hack back in the day

only one got away

but most folks

don’t realize that loneliness is crippling



the ring is there

and I need to get some printer ink

in order to have the pages come out

like a killer

like a killer



and the drinking gets in the way

it’s first

or maybe somewhere around ‘42

and this consciousness is streamed

through blue ink

through black ink

through tattoos and mixtapes

a woman I no longer see

who therefore no longer exists

and there’s a filter

the rest is filler

and I’ll be the killer that you want

but most folks

will still not realize

that loneliness is crippling

it is ellipsis and a kiss

a scar turned orange over time

then white

then keys jangling by the door

a Hollywood bar that pours mean gin

and it gets wet, the timeline

we turn to face each other

infirm and starving

but with a thirst quenched


lightning bugs, empty, and it’s night

again, bioluminescence

spreading the last remaining light

through every hamstrung 3 am

levying the world to mesmerism


like a killer in a matchbox

looking for the few gray hairs on her head

beautiful; alone


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