30 May




I just imagined you

in a party dress

of surprised pomegranate gabardine

peeling crawfish

to see whether they were cooked

like a blues song on a downtuned piano

and by that vision

I knew that it was summer


at last  

a cackling whirl

of sunshine and sweat

in strands of dark chestnut hair

that smelled

like my last trip to Louisiana

and bubblegum from my Soviet childhood  

bought with inflated currency

tasting of the same inspiration

as when I got high

with the animals in their furnished cage

and my body no longer felt broken

and only a heartbeat

to keep the rhythm for our boogie


only a single summer evening

when I conjured you in a dream I haven’t woken to thus far

because we hadn’t met back then

but there were wild stanzas that rollicked blindly along the zephyrs  

and I could almost capture them

like fireflies skirting the glass of opened jars

in juvenile hands that hadn’t grasped the world just yet

and we smoked a bit to pass the season

the cigarette transitioning from your fingers to mine

in delicate hesitation

and we looked at each other

wondering what kind of time apart this was   

in this mulberry vespertine glow

of new summer

refashioned into an astral, phantasmagoric isolato

taking a threepenny tour of eternity


(for M.)


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