Sex & Bacon

31 Jul


Sex & Bacon

(For Erica)


Hungry and horny

and it’s the morning

she draws me while I sleep

a lighted place where I have no good side

like a short story which ends abruptly

there’s just a lot of hair falling along each lethargic cheekbone like a cataclysm

that will decimate an indigenous island population  

I see her eyelash in my coffee mug when I awake

and she’s unwilling to see herself as culprit

in lieu, she rolls over in my direction and I want to lick her legs

long as lectures

while Polly Jean Harvey’s voice cavorts from the speakers

Time to brew another pot

but the empty can of Columbian beans mocks me smugly by the stove

I light a cigarette instead

and think about getting back in bed

a breakfast of her is a delicate proposition

filling as a lengthy childhood amongst the saintly

I take the salty meats to fry

glistening wet with grease or alchemy

and a lullaby is shushed in the hissing of the pan  

she calls me from the bedroom

and I tell her to hold on

just hold on, baby – I’ll be right there

a plate in each hand, I’ll walk in, like an erotic triptych

and bring her a meal we’re craven for

born into this new morning

hungry and horny


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