short relationships as cheap consumerism

18 Sep


short relationships as cheap consumerism


love as a paranoid twitch

a fresh bit of skin in the proud and purple dimmet

a new discovery like cartoon nightshade




drinking, pills, hopelessness

a seductive poison in lines of poetry

lost in venal gloaming and writhing anatomy

a childish tantrum

a cooled temperament

too many lies to drown whole

the body floats

they all float

a synchronized promenade in the water  

and then it grows freshly dull

like a belly full of some fast-food number five

then there are no more phonecalls made

no new dates to shy through

no cute underwear to find kicked off to the bottom of the bed

a tall cup of black coffee

two soft-boiled eggs

salt, pepper, an underpaid vocation


skin care, vitamins

deep thoughts like:

‘the poor love fireworks; shiny, glittering, ephemeral things’

and that right there

seem like the entire truth

of all of it

naked, easy and sold cheap


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