Sunday Plans

07 Jan


Sunday Plans


Dancing with Saint Vitus

I get drunk on some wine

and listen to her explaining something in Spanish

wildly, while my mind is a blank space

something about going to Dresden

for a solitary night

I contend instead

that there’s an alleyway somewhere

between New York and Paris with my stench on it

waiting for Jack to stumble through like a stereotype

an unstitched surgery

and all the best plans come up with the vomit

in the morning

with a cup of coffee

we decide to stay in

find a breakfast nook

in our own bed

make some alchemy

put some silver into Judas hands

create something worthy of applause

she puts her legs over her head

and I smell the sweet of succor

found gently by a wandering ritualist

it becomes a new medium to corrupt

an appendage of the spirit

a sickness in her purpose

a reason to live again

a nimble new plan


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