03 Dec




Synonyms do not really exist

Each word has its own inherent soul

its own expressive meaning.

But nonetheless we seek them out

to create the sentences

that will later create the novels.

They are your eyelashes,

they fall and create wishes

they provide consideration and patience,

but sometimes they become futile.

They are eventually lost,

after the well has dried up

and you realize that you’re repeating yourself.

You want to say,

“I still love you,

“and you still have a great ass.”

But how many words are there

that can make my expressing such sentiment


vulgar, impulsive, but again important.

Meaningful, for shame.

You can see my words, without parallel

in your mirror as well as in my scrawl.

Synonyms no longer exist,

I’ve run out,

just left with the retread,

rewriting to add typos,

reminding her to reread me

every once and again,

left lacking words.


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