The Antonym for Apotheosis in Verse

25 Jun


The Antonym for Apotheosis in Verse


Forget it purely like a sycophantic sacrament

and walk out the door dour

at the beginning of your daily exhaustion

you’re heading, with recalcitrant pride, to the show

to catch a quick peek

at the beautiful women undressing at the end of the world

indecorous, frenzied, with contempt in their bones

hair in ruffled curls

each one of independent agency

each one an individual revelation

each one a journeyed creature mistaken for an unbearable gentleness

flirting with this new antithesis to destiny

and in the fingers of the supersensual mystics

they become the nine muses disinhumed

with Melpomene trying to catch my eye with her tragic blush

she looks just like her mother Mnemosyne

like a romantic cataclysm remembered

and our hero dies while we struggle with the verse

through the timid night made for evocation

whereupon the contretemps are lots of spilled drinks

and the eventual waking with ashes on your shirt she gave you

and the cigarette still in your mouth tastes like a grave

and the end of the world came and went

and the women have dressed and left

and you’re supine in this new place unlit

wondering where to go this morning


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