Two (Dogma)

07 Jan


Two (Dogma)


Don’t bury your dead

Let them live a little

Never love anybody

Love one and work at it


Madness is good

Madness is liberating; an internal revolution


If you write, write

If you sick [sic]


If you’re clever, then forget about it

If you’re numb, then find a vein


Don’t bury your dead

Let them live finally


Don’t put stock in repetition

It’s easy, pretty and the wormhole of history



The hair and blood in the sink


The one time she came into the room

She found him staring into his palm

like a gypsy


Someone who sees


Sway like a hallucination

Or just sway, unknown, doped up


The reign is an institution

I just want your kind of precipitation above me


Don’t forget how hard it used to be

Make it easier on yourself


Thank the supporting ones

Make a family from the cast

And never bury your dead

Let them live because they tried


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