Untitled (Sensualism)

30 Sep


Untitled (Sensualism)


The sun tonight

with you

looks like a haiku

5 – 7 – 5

the clouds spreading around like apricots in heat

a clement place for the star to sink  

your legs wrap around my torso

and your gown rises soft against my skin  

your knees clench my naked ribs

and I feel your warm tenderness  

and I know that nothing will last this long

this memory will be mine


an accreted aphorism of each lash, and your brows, your dark smile

your moans, your sweat, your carnal declarations

becoming the renewed inauguration of my romantic philosophy

you are my little secret knowledge

my orphaned blessing

no, darling, you are not divinity, don’t fear

but you are close enough

for me to know that truth exists

and to follow blindly in your path

like a lecherous pilgrim


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