03 Dec




Swimming in the smoke

Like a lucky piece of plankton

I break it down over to you

Seeing the wedding veil above your eyes

Ordering up another drink

I put my lips to your ear

And so that he couldn’t hear

Say “let’s get out of here”

“it’s only time”

“where it’s spent never matters”

“only the wallpaper changes color”

You laugh at a joke that wasn’t made

Finding it easier to slip away

My drink comes and I thank the barman as a tip

He looks begrudgingly at my torn lapel

Accidents happen, but he thinks that I should be the one pouring

An expert at few things, I light another cigarette

Walking into the fresh air

I look around at all the congratulating faces

Growing hands from their tongues for the shaking

I take a sip of the reclusive top shelf shit I got

Turn my neck into a knot

Hear the creaking that comes with the waste of all the time I’ve spent

Figuring it out

Finding out who went where and for what

Where the writers drank

Which abbey they pissed on to create their verses

Ignoring my own wonderful dysfunction

That sentimental monster that hides in the back of my head

I watched you a little too long

Now and before, always again

When the next drink is done it’s time to walk away

No time for vows or decorations

No time for rose petals under feet

No time at all

“I’ll take another. Make it neat.”


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