you are air turned to gold

31 Mar


you are air turned to gold


you are air turned to gold

and I said that

because I thought you’d like

the Dr. Manhattan reference

I want to live in love

I want to be sweet to someone in this world

because in my neighborhood I always have to look mean

for risk of getting caught up

food stamp office in the ghetto

is Langston’s nightmare sped up

knife scars and bullet wounds on dour faces

bleak from the water you can’t drink

a thin tub of graceless bodies

sweat and cigarettes

a kid drops his mother’s coat

the floor is sprinkled with a set of needles

like rough uncut diamonds into greedy hands

teenagers talking about gauges hacking foes off at the knees

we all sit and wait to be reimbursed for poverty

and there I think

I want and need to be sweet to someone

because the only gods existing

are in your comic books


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