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authenticity just screwed ya: a return of sorts

17 Jan



“Here’s the thing about inauthentic people,” he says on the train, speaking in the abstract. “Inauthentic people are obsessed with authenticity.”

                                             – Jonathan Franzen, in conversation with Chuck Klosterman, 2010


the jury ponders

age is control
a limitation on outside conditioning
the gift of finity
age is that which we overcome
we must –
particularly upon the most fragile
youth submits to adolescence
an elder face becomes opaque then
unbecomes, submits
to coffin sheen
i write again
to reconcile this overcoming
and as i age
i matter less and less
just ask the muse


Sick Day

28 Apr


Today is a sick day. I feel like a stray dog walking a Newark winter. “Rocket Queen” (the closing track off of G’n’R’s Appetite for Destruction is stuck in my head – could be blamed on the fact that I’ve been rereading Chuck Klosterman’s 2001 half-memoir/half-optimistic and apologetic collection of essays on the inherent cultural value of 80’s heavy (hair) metal Fargo Rock City) has been stuck in my head all fucking morning – thankfully it’s not the Steven Adler solo version that, for some wholly forgettable reason, somehow still exists. My back hurts (which is especially bothersome for an ex-junkie because instead of heroin and withdrawal being the predictable culprit – I have no idea what’s wrong with me… probably an alien living inside of me or maybe spinal cancer) – I feel as though I’m that stereotypical, crotchety old man that wakes up in a hospice to the realization that his family has completely written him off already. I want a drink, but my back aches too much to move, and my coughing forces shooting pains down my spine. Although I have way too much work to finish, I’m taking a day off from struggling at the altar of an endless manuscript, and instead will call on an ex to play nurse to me for a while, maybe roll the old man a joint so as not to exacerbate his arthritis.  


Don’t forget that

We have nothing but accomplishment between us

And only lonely sanity below our feet


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