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damn, this coffee and this cigarette taste like ten years ago

10 Feb



glitch in the abyss

i’m tired of this
back and forth –
you’ve noticed
i’ve been busy
thinking about
not thinking about you
– so what do you want?

and just, you know
to be polite
how are you?
are you alright?
well, that’s good
i guess
and, me, well…
it doesn’t matter
it’s been a tough two years, year and a half
the prez, the singer dying, and you
it kind of broke me
for a bit

yeah, i’m better now
and maybe the breaking was the goal, actually
i’m working now, constantly, too much maybe   
and writing, as you see
a field of heather that regenerates after a wildfire
something like that, fuck, whatever, i don’t know
don’t listen to me – i’m stoned and tired
in need of some sleep, abyssal
anyway, what do you want?
it’s you that wound up at my door

The Title is a Process

17 Feb



via dolorosa


color and pain are only separated by a single letter

the body drags, skips over the larger stones

the matron at the front of the procession sings something mournful

premature, sure, but

the body cannot hear it anymore

a young man hands over an energy drink

the bloodied hand barely clings

his movement produces no distance anymore

a con-job in the eye of it

the reporters will be calling soon

asking for a quote

but the offices are empty

the hindsight-augury hanging off the doorframe reading,

“the rapture was undertaken through quid pro quo as always…”

the body tries to drag itself along

several of the larger stones in front of it

glistening like pebbled candy adjoining the shallow of the sorrel, muddy sluice

there will be silence there

the water shows you there was a home here prior

and room to grow

morning too

succor granted to deserved and undeserved alike

diamonds designating property

and a lot of blood and history and the eventual lack of recollection

it was a con-job in the eye of it, for sure

but as color and pain are only separated by a single letter

no distance really is achieved

especially when you look at it directly

but we do not, we are the body

and we drag our flesh and antiquity behind us

like the worthless fortunes that they are

because even though our legs no longer carry

we just know that we are getting somewhere

and we’ll be arriving there so very soon


Jack Tsoy Tumult

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