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12 Oct



I Got Next at The FIVE SPOT



– New selected pieces added to the Official Material Section, as they will be every month to make them easily accessible for all of you. All new work is from the archives prior to 7/17/2015.


Short Film I’m a Hard Man to Kill directed by Djordje Dojcinovic, an adaptation of two chapters from my forthcoming novel (“Tumult’s Jeremiad: The Memoirs of a Fictional Character, Damned”) is  done and has been uploaded in the Media Section.


My Filmed Reading at Bar Ten/Eleven is currently in the Media Section. As well as my short set at Pegasus Bookstore (East Bay, Cali) in support of Zarina Zabrisky’s Book Launch for “Iron”.


“Rick Perry is a Daft Cunt Who Proves that Believing Jesus Saves the Hillbilly Turns One into a Republican:A Long Poem about Poverty and Love in NYC” is complete. It is currently posted in the Official Material section. It’s filmed recitation is available in the Media section. 


– Second short film (“Waking Up”) is in the middle of a lengthy post-production process. 


– Apartment Showcase from the Rockaways (FILMED) currently in post.


420 Dutch Street the television series coming in a few years…



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